How to Earn (and keep) Free Products as an Affiliate Marketer

Are you looking to score free products while boosting your affiliate marketing game? In this guide, I’ll show you exactly how to earn and keep products. By leveraging my bonus tips for Amazon and Pinterest, you’ll not only get free products but also maximize your affiliate earnings.

How to Earn (and keep) Free Products as an Affiliate Marketer
Affiliate Marketing Tips

Did I mention this is 100% free (and legal)!

I summed it up as best and quickly as I could in this short video and I'll break it down in detail below as well.

About a year ago I learned about this program called Stack Influence. At first I wasn't seeing the bigger picture and was just thinking about the money.

I actually said to my husband "How stupid". He said "So what, we get free products". Well, he certainly wasn't wrong and I'm going to break down this really cool (NOT STUPID) process.

Create Your Free Account

The free program is called Stack Influence. Once you create your account you get to browse through the categories and choose a product that you'd like to try.

We've tried wallets (which Rich LOVES), Aqua Flossers and so much more from Stack Influence.

Order Your Product(s)

Anyway, once you choose your product you will be redirected to Amazon to place your order. (You will pay AND you will be 100% reimbursed by Stack Influence)

Post on Instagram

Once your product arrives, you'll log back into your Stack Influence account and literally copy and paste the exact description that already includes hashtags and everything.

You'll need to take a picture of yourself with the product and paste their word-for-word description and you upload those 2 requirements to Instagram.

Get Paid

Now that you've posted on Instagram you'll log back into Stack Influence for them to (immediately) verify your IG post. They send you a full reimbursement right to your PayPal account and you get to keep the product!

Pretty cool, huh?

We have a new AirBNB so I'm always on the lookout for bed sheets and things for the house.

What IF we take it a step further as an affiliate marketer?

Amazon Affiliate or Influencer Program

Amazon has an affiliate program as well as an influencer program. I like the influencer program because you get a storefront like mine HERE and you can livestream, etc.

You purchased the item from Amazon, now you can grab your affiliate link (for your FREE product) and share it through your channels whether that be email, social media or my favorite...Pinterest!


Pinterest is affiliate marketing friendly, just make sure you add affiliate disclaimers. Not only is it the right thing to do, it's a requirement of Pinterest and most affiliate programs.

I've been teaching Pinterest for years and I find so much joy in teaching introverts how to slay affiliate marketing with Pinterest. You can download my quick-start guide HERE in a previous blog entry.

I hope this entry has helped you in some way! I'm looking forward to seeing your Stack Influence posts on Instagram. Feel free to tag me or DM me! @Mrs_Kim_Ward on IG.

In case you were wondering, my blog article is loaded with affiliate links and I may earn a commission if you make a purchase using my link. I'm sure you don't mind. After all, it's important to lead by example.

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See you soon!